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Premium AI dubbing with
humans in the loop ✌️

We dub your YouTube and Content videos into major languages ensuring 10+ quality checks.

Built for teams both large and small.

Import from YouTube

Translate in 5 Audio Languages

Download in HD Quality is not associated with the source. This video is purely for research preview.

Top Anchor

Reach over 10M+ people with your videos.

Powered by Generative AI.

Dubbing that is Fast, Affordable and Premium sounding 🎉


dubpro localizes your videos in over 5 languages including major Indian languages in 10x less the price of manual production!

dubpro works with Humans in the loop to ensure 10+ quality checks before a video goes live.

What's Dub

Democratizing video with Generative AI

Original video in English with no dubbing available.

Dubbed video in Hindi with music and subs synced. is not associated with the source. This video is purely for research preview.

What's possible with Dub?

Translate in 5 major languages.

Music-synced from original video

Clone and use your custom AI voice

Auto-synced subtitles in 5 languages

Examples Anchor

Examples created by our powerful AI

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 10.09.27 AM.png

News and Media

Introduce your News and media content to all major demographics by dubbing it in 5 languages.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 12.40.37 PM.png

How-to Videos

From cooking recipes to fashion advice, open your content to 100M+ audience base with dubbing.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 10.19.40 AM.png

Video Essays


Make your video essays reach a wider audience by dubbing it in 5 languages with our powerful AI.

Got some questions?

What is meant by Dubbing? Dubbing is the translation of the source video/language into a target video/language. Traditionally this process is time taking and expensive.

See Pricing

What is your pricing? We are currently under private beta. You can check out pricing here:

How works? Dub uses advances in Generative AI and proprietary voice cloning and syncing technology to understand source langauge and maps timestamps. It then converts the text and audio in a realistic AI voice and then re-syncs is with the video to achieve the dubbing. The entire process takes 10 minutes depending on the video length.

Try Demo

How can I start using the platform? We are currently under private beta. Sign up here:

How can I use my own voice for the Dubbing? can design your AI voice with our high precision cloning technology in 5 languages. Reach out to us at learn more.

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