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Experience the power of Generative AI

Dubbing starts at ₹200 per 10 minutes

No upfront commitment. Simply sign-up with 10 minutes of free credits to dub your video with our AI in 5 languages and pay as you go.

Need a professional touch, instead? 👇
Work with our leading translators adept at working with our AI to dub your videos at scale. We offer personalized plans for your dubbing needs.

200 minutes

Starts at ₹100 per minute.

500 minutes

Starts at ₹90 per minute.

1000 minutes

Starts at ₹80 per minute.

You'll have the option to have a dedicated translator work alongside our AI for 100% quality guarantee.

dubpro will perform our 10 pointer quality checks under this pricing:

  • Lip and Audio syncing to ensure audio syncs with the person speaking.

  • Voice Quality and Naturalness to ensure audio sounds fully human like.

  • Emotional Tone to ensure the audio sounds expressive and lively.

  • Language Fluency and Pronunciation.

  • Background music and audio ambience for premium mastering.

  • Contextual and Subject relevant Translation.

  • Cultural Sensitivity to ensure the dubbed video is appropriate.

  • Timing and Pacing to ensure the dubbed audio doesn't sound abrupt.

  • Consistency of audio and video frames so it appears fully in sync. 

  • Any glitches or audio dropouts are ironed out for perfect experience.

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