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Outsource your entire dubbing needs to us. Our AI works with subject experts to dub your content with 10+ quality checks.

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Best for recurring content needs where you require dubbed content on priority with dedicated subject experts.

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Every plan includes 10+ quality checks
for uncompromising quality!


Subject and Contextual Awareness

We assign subject experts to maintain context while dubbing your videos, ensuring correct translations.


Voice Quality and naturalness

Our high fidelity voice cloning technology ensures your persona and style is matched in 5 languages.


Precision Syncing

Our advanced audio segmentation ensures syncing precisely upto 2 decimal places.


Language Fluency and Pronunciation

Our AI ensures correct pronunciation and fluency in the target language to generate a believable dub.


Emotional Tone

We capture the emotional tone of the original speaker to maintain the correct emotional context.


Background Noise and Audio Artifacts

Our AI effectively reduces background noises and other artifacts to maintain clear sound.


Background Music

Our AI automatically captures the background music and sound effects in a lossless quality.


Cultural Sensitivity

Our subject experts ensure cultural appropriation and sensitivity to the target audience’s value and norms.


Timing and Pacing

Our AI matches the rhythm and timing of the original video, including pauses and audio speed.


Multi-speaker Dubbing

We use best-in-class speaker diarization to ensure the output video has correct speaker labels.

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